How to Play:

  1. Fill in the part of the ticket that needs your Name and Contact Information.
  2.  Put that half in the Toony Tuesday Box.  Now you are registered to play!  You KEEP the half with your Toony Tuesday number on it.
  3. Take a “Toonie” and put a white dot sticker on it.
  4. Write your Toony Tuesday Number  on the white dot sticker that was placed on your “Toonie”.  Make it clear and easy to read.    Put “Toonie” in the Toony Tuesday Box.

  Register for our EXTENDED PRE-PLAY

Visa/Mastercard Accepted

Call  506 328 2094

(Play 13 weeks= $26,  Play 26 weeks = $52 or

play up to September 28, 2018).

  Big Brothers Big Sisters office @ 109 Regent Street, Unit 16, Woodstock, NB

Check us out on Facebook – Toony Tuesday